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My name is Anneli Savikurki and I'm the owner of the company AS Rental Home Oy.

The seed to my company was already planted somewhere in my mind, when my family moved to Germany Düsseldorf in October 1989. In the same building, where we moved in, lived a woman, who on our first day approached me and explained me what I have to do with my children and where to go. Her approching me this way was quite unexpected but very useful, and I have to thank her, that our children liked to live in Düsseldorf and my days at home as a housewife never were boring. We learnt to know a lot of other mothers and also fathers but a lot of other children and with them we had a lot of fun. We were sorry having to leave Düsseldorf in October 1991, but my husband was sent there from his company only for 2 years. 

And since September 2004, with that help of the woman in Düsseldorf in my mind, I also have tried to help families, single people and companies to cope with the every day life in Rauma. If you have a roof over your head and walls to shelter you, then everything is easier. And that's my mission, to make it easier to feel like at home in Rauma and I hope to find a rental home to everyone who is asking me for help. 

I hope I can help you to find a rental apartment to be your home in Rauma or somewhere else in Finland.  


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